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HIN: OEY410460885 more photos
Hull Laid: August 1985
Ocean Eagle Yachts, Taiwan
David Lyman (2009 - 2010) at the helm of Searcher, the family‚Äôs 57-foot Bowman Ketch—100 miles north of Bermuda, winds 35 knots gusting to 40, seas 15 to 20-feet.
Custom navigation table height to accommodate chair.
Owner Bought Sold Boat's Name Home Port
David Lyman1 1985 1995-Lost in a hurricane Afaran Rockport, ME

David Lyman was the original and only owner of Afaran. He bought the boat in 1985 and sailed her between Maine and the Virgins several times. She was lost in Hurricane Marilyn which hit St. John in 1995. There was nothing left of Afaran but some floatsam. The mast and engine were subsequently found underwater.

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Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Number: 693970

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