DeCourcy Spirit 41LN40
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HIN: OEY410401084 more photos
Hull Laid: 1984
Ocean Eagle Yachts, Taiwan
Owner Bought Sold Boat's Name Home Port
Jan and Murray Rogers 2001 DeCourcy Island, BC, Canada
Peter Rossi August 1991 2001 High Cotton Corpus Christi, TX
Sedated San Diego, CA
1 1984 San Diego, CA ?

About the Owners (present and past)

Jan and Murray Rogers We are from the west coast of Canada from a little off the grid island called DeCourcy Island and we were living in Dominica at the time we bought her. We renamed her Decourcy Spirit. We kept her in the Caribbean mostly in St. Lucia for 4 years while we lived in Dominica and then slowly cruised west through Panama, to the Galapagos, Marquesas, Tahiti and Hawaii over a period of 5 seasons. She is now resting graciously at our marina on DeCourcy Island and is living an easy life sailing on the odd weekend, and about 1 month a year in the summer.

Peter Rossi is the original founder of the LNOA in about 1992 and published a quarterly newsletter for about 5-6 years.

I repowered my boat, ditching the BMW for which parts were increasingly hard to come by, with a Yanmar 50 and a 3 bladed prop. This was done by Palmer Johnson in Savannah, Georgia. On the trial run, the stern sat down in the water and off we took with a wake and speed that was amazing. Not long after the rosewood compression post began to splinter at the upper part near the cabin roof. The insurance covered this and we rebuilt a new rosewood compression post at significant cost. I left the old post with a carpenter in Charleston planning on making a table, but years passed and I never got around to it.

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